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Uromo CD Cover


Uromo is the latest CD by Sali Oyugi. The CD is set for release under Ketebul Music, early 2016.

Weapon of Mass Reconciliation cover

Weapon of Mass Reconciliation

In the wake of the Kenya’s post-election crisis of early 2008 when the country was divided along ethnic lines and rivalries, the Spotlight national tour came at an opportune time contributing to the various reconciliation building efforts in the country....

Ohanglaman CD Cover


Ohanglaman is the debut CD by Ketebul Music artists Makadem. Released in 2005, the CD consists of 12 songs all written and composed by Makadem. Recorded at Ketebul Music Studios Ohanglaman was produced by Tabu Osusa.

The CD cover for Garissa Express, the debut CD by the female quartet Gargar.

Garissa Express

Garissa Express is the debut CD by the group Gargar. The CD comprising of ten songs was recorded over a period of 2 years at Ketebul Studios, and saw the ladies enduring numerous trips back and forth between Garissa and...

Benga-Blues-Cover Web

Benga Blues

Benga Blues is the debut solo album by Ketebul Music’s singing, songwriting sensation, Winyo. Released in Europe during his Equation Musique tour of 2011, Benga Blues is set for it’s grand release in October of 2011. The album is already...


Retracing Kenya’s Funky Hits

The years after independence in 1963 were great times in Nairobi. The city throbbed to the beats of live bands, which played at venues like The Starlight Club. At least 12, 000 patrons went through the doors of The Starlight Club every month. Nairobi acquired the status of ‘The Entertainment Capital of East Africa.’ The Funk era had its fair share of colorful characters. From the feverish dancing of Steele Beauttah to the “hair-raising’ flamboyance of Kelly Brown. Although Sal Davis may well be regarded as Kenya’s first show business celebrity and went on to mentor musicians like The Ashantis. The Funk movement flourished in Kenya for the better part of the 1970s until the arrival of the disco spelt the end for many of the bands. Radio was a major player in the promotion of Funk with the musical trends in the country shaped by what the Voice of Kenya DJs played on air. Find out why crowds of music lovers, usually teenagers, packed the daytime weekend dances known as ‘boogies’ and why the Authorities became jittery over these events. The Retracing Kenyan Music series continues with this package containing a documentary of the highlights of Kenya’s Funk movement. The CD is an audio collection of the biggest hits from the stars of the day like Slim Ali and The Hodi Boys, Air Fiesta Matata to the Mighty Cavaliers. Read More...

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