Special Offer on Retracing Kenya’s Songs Of Protest Multimedia Package!

Our latest addition to the Retracing Series of documentaries is ‘Retracing Kenya’s Songs Of Protest.’

The Retracing Series

The Retracing Series seeks to document and archive the origins and development of different music genres and themes in Kenya. Previous editions have been:
Retracing The Benga Rhythm
Retracing Kikuyu Popular Music and
Retracing Kenya’s Funky Hits.

Packaged in our usual multimedia format of print booklet, DVD documentary and audio CD compilation, a preview of Retracing Kenya’s Songs Of Protest will be aired at the Alliance Francaise de Nairobi on Friday the 31st of January. This will be folloed by a concert featuring Just A Band, Sarabi, Juliani, Eric Wainaina and our very own Makadem.


As a special offer, for that evening only, we will retail the package at a one time introductory collectors price of KES 1000/= only! After that, the price goes back to the normal price of KES 3000/=.

This is your chance to get your copy at a third of the price!

Keep it here for more updates on this and other Ketebul Music events.


Welcome to Singing Wells Saturdays!

In our continued effort to keep you informed on our projects, we will dedicate every Saturday to news and reviews of our Singing Wells Project.

Welcome to Singing Wells Saturdays!

The Singing Wells is a collaborative project between Ketebul Music and our partners Abubilla Music, a record label in London, and supported by the Abubilla Music Foundation, a UK charity organisation.

The Singing Wells Team

The goal of the Singing Wells Project is to record, archive and share the traditional music of East Africa for two important reasons:

  • To sustain and celebrate the extraordinary cultural music heritage of the region
  • To help make this legacy relevant and fresh to today’s audiences
  • This is achieved by making field trips to different regions in Kenya, where a mobile studio is set up and the performers are recorded quite literally in their own backyards.

    The Singing Wells mobile studio

    Studio set up on the truck for quick recording

    The mobile studio set uo on the mountains of Kisoro

    By taking the studio to remote communities we can record the music and dance performances of individual musicians and music groups in a relaxed and authentic environment, watched by their family and friends.

    The video crew with a large audience behind them

    In fact, we usually attract large audiences from the communities we visit. Everyone from the youngest child to the most venerated elder is eager to watch the Singing Wells performances and many join in with the dances too.

    Famly members from the village keenly watching the recording sessions

    So far we have recorded and archived music from the coast of Kenya, Rift Valley & Nyanza, northern Uganda, east and central regions of Uganda and Kisoro.

    To kick us off on this debut Singing Wells Saturday for 2014, we shall share with you the first podcast on the project which gives you an insight on the inception of the project and it’s development to the format that it is today. The podcast features interviews with the two principals of the Singing Wells project: James Allen of Abubilla Music and Tabu Osusa of Ketebul Music.

    CLICK HERE to listen and enjoy the first Singing Wells Saturday posting!

    For more info on Singing Wells CLICK HERE
    For more info on Abubilla Music CLICK HERE


    Welcome to Festive Friday!

    Happy Friday Ketebul Music friends and family!
    Starting this and every Friday we will be sharing and reminding you of the festivals and events where our personnel and signed artists, and those within the larger Ketebul Music network will be attending, showcasing and performing.

    We will call this, FESTIVE FRIDAY!

    To kick us off this Festive Friday, we debut by featuring our very own Winyo.

    Winyo @ The Stage

    Winyo @ The Stage

    Winyo will be performing @ MASA| Market for African Performing Arts which will be held in Côte d’Ivoire between 1st and 8th of March 2014. Masa created in 1993 by the Intergovernmental Agency of the Francophonie , is a festival of African Art ( theater , music and dance ) held every two years in Abidjan.

    Winyo who is a gifted and talented singer, songwriter and guitarist, has one album/ CD to his credit titled Benga Blues, which was recorded and produced at Ketebul Music Studios.

    Benga Blues CD Cover

    Benga Blues CD Cover

    Winyo started off as part of the critically acclaimed and accomplished trio named ‘Rateng’ (which means Black in Luo), cutting his teeth as the composer, lead vocalist and guitarist of the group. With the group Rateng, they went on to emerge 3rd in the Uzbekistan Cultural Music Festival in 2006. Winyo was instrumental in the writing and composing of the group’s album titled ‘Thumology’, which was released in the year 2009.

    Winyo on Stage in Sweden 2013

    Winyo on Stage in Sweden 2013

    Winyo derives his music and musical strength from his fore fathers whose African music was rich in melody and traditional harmonies. His musical style ranges from traditional Luo melodies infused with witty story lines, afro fusion and afro jazz, to a contemporary interpretation of Benga, transformed into an authentic acoustic sound. His powerful yet mellow vocals are the icing on the cake that makes listening to Winyo, an almost heavenly experience.

    Winyo letting his hair down in Lasi Romania

    For more info and updates follow Winyo on facebook: CLICK HERE

    For info on MASA, CLICK HERE


    Ketebul Music artist Olith Ratego is once again heading to Germany on the 7th of May for a series of performances with German choreographer Morgan Nardi.

    Olith Ratego

    Olith Ratego and Morgan who have already had a series of shows in Germany in 2012 will showcase 3RD, which is choreographed by Morgan, in Cologne, Dusseldorf and Berlin between the dates of May 9th to May 22. They will also perform at the Sommerblut Festival.

    Olith Ratego taking a break during a previous rehearsal in Dusseldorf

    Follow Olith on his travels and shows on his facebook page HERE


    Bi Kidude, The Icon

    The iconic Bi Kidude

    Ketebul Music would like to extend our heartfelt condolescence to the people of Zanzibar, and to the family and fans of the legendary Bi Kidude, on her passing. Africa and indeed the world has lost one of it’s greatest and iconic voices.

    She will be missed and remembered always.

    To read more on Bi Kidude and her music, CLICK HERE

    Featured photo by Swiatoslaw Wojtkowiak


    Ketebul Music Studio Reconstruction

    After almost ten years that has seen music from all the corners of Kenya and indeed from parts of the world recorded within the four walls of our studio, it was time for us to give the studio a facelift.

    Some of the international visitors that have graced our studios include the great Mulatu Astatke: father of Ethio-Kenyan Fusion

    From Tuesday the 12th of much, reconstruction of the studio began with the first stage being deconstruction. Everything was stripped down, the acoustic treatment, the partitions for the drum booth, the ceilling and even the electrical wiring.

    The drum booth gets stripped and pulled down

    After the drum booth is pulled down, the riser is demolished.

    The acoustric treatment on the walls are stripped and the partition pulled down

    The ceilling board and padding is also stripped to pave way for fresh wiring

    During the reconstruction phase tha tis due to start on the 19th of March, the walls, ceilling and the floor will be put back otgether and given a better acoustic treatment. Our aim is to improve on the acoustics of the live room, and give it a better live feeling. We are also giving Studio B, which up to now has been a project studio, access to the live room, and also interlinking all the 3 studios including the edit suite.

    An openning is made between the sound booth and Studio B to give it access to the live room

    We believe all these renovations will improve our acoustics in the live room and consequently our Ketebul signature sound.

    Stay up to date with the on going work by logging in to our facebook page by clicking HERE


    Catch Winyo Live @ Treehouse Thursday 14th March

    Following the release of his debut Cd titled Benga Blues, Winyo is set to do a number of shows to promote the CD.

    Benga Blues

    On Thursday the 14th of March, Winyo will be on stage at the Treehouse where he will play music from Benga Blues. Winyo will also throw in a special treat by playing new music that he has been working on.

    Winyo on stage in Lasi, Romania

    Benga Blues will be on sale at the venue, and Winyo will be available to personally autograph your copy after the show.

    As always, keep tabs on Winyo, his projects and upcoming shows by following him on facebook.

    Click HERE to like his page.


    Benga Blues Is Now Available

    It is finally out and available for purchase! Benga Blues, the debut CD by Winyo, and one of the most anticipated releases of 2012-2013 is now available at limited outlets.

    You can get your copy autographed by Winyo and delivered to you (deliveries only within Nairobi CBD) by simply liking his facebook page, placing your order and sending Winyo a message on facebook that you would want written on your CD copy!

    CLICK HERE to like Winyo’s page and call 0720561198 to order your copy!


    Ketebul Music Sponsors & Supports the African Creative Economy Conference

    In support of the African Creative Economy conference organized by the Arterial Network in Dakar Senegal, Ketebul music sponsored and produced the theme song for the conference.

    The song titled Free Africa was written and arranged by Ketebul Music artist and musician, guitar virtuoso Eddie Grey.

    Eddie Grey wrote and arranged the music for Free Africa

    The song which is a rallying call to all Africans to stand on their own feet and move forward in unity, also features vocals by Olith Ratego and Madargascan singer Favor. It also features nyatiti player Rapasa Nyathrapas Nyapwapwa.

    Olith Ratego's vocals featured in Free Africa

    Rapasa Nyathrapas Rapwapwa

    Free Africa has been describes as a great wake up call to the entire continent and international community, and a beautiful message of hope for all by Thabiso Blak Mashaba of Blak Audio Fire from Botswana. He goes on to call it a timeless arrangement and sheer vocals by the Ketebul movement.

    Free Africa is available on sound cloud: CLICK HERE
    CLICK HERE for more information on the African Creative Economy
    CLICK HERE for more information on the Arterial Network


    Olith Ratego Heading To Dusseldorf, Germany

    Ketebul Music artist Olith Ratego is heading to Dusseldorf in Germany on Friday the 16th of November, for a series of performances with German choreographer Morgan Nardi.

    Olith Ratego and Morgan met in Nairobi when Morgan was in town for the solos and duets dance festival. After a chance meeting at the Godown Arts Centre, Morgan invited Olith to perform with him at the Visa Oshwal centre. Impressed by the outcome of their performance and Olith’s music, Morgan promised to work with him again in future.

    Olith Ratgeo holding his self made lyre the Kodo

    The performances will feature dance pieces choreographed by Morgan Nardi to Olith Ratego’s song titled Anindo. During the performances which are coproduced by Tanzahaus NRW, Olith Ratego will sing and play his self made lyre live as Morgan Nardi and company perform their dance pieces.

    Olith Ratego will depart Nairobi for Dusseldorf on the 16th of November for a series of reheasals with Morgan Nardi before the performances which are scheduled for the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of November.

    Kudos to Olith Ratego for flying the Ketebul Music and Kenyan flags high!

    CLICK HERE for information on Morgan Nardi.
    CLICK HERE for information on Tanzhaus NRW