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SAUTI: gifted different unsilenced

‘SAUTI – Gifted  Different  Unsilenced’ is  a  multimedia  project  by  Ketebul  Music,  comprising  a  short  film  in  a  feature  documentary  format,  and  a  5-song  music  compilation.  The  documentary  film  highlights  the  stories  of  four  musicians  who  due to  certain  peculiar...

Shades of Benga – The Story of Popular Music in Kenya: 1946 – 2016

Shades of Benga: The Story of Popular Music in Kenya delves into the foundations of modern Kenyan music, examining external influences from the English waltz to Afro Cuban Rumba and how they helped mould new music styles across Africa. Rumba...

Uromo CD Cover


Uromo is the latest CD by Sali Oyugi. The CD is set for release under Ketebul Music, early 2016.

Weapon of Mass Reconciliation cover

Weapon of Mass Reconciliation

In the wake of the Kenya’s post-election crisis of early 2008 when the country was divided along ethnic lines and rivalries, the Spotlight national tour came at an opportune time contributing to the various reconciliation building efforts in the country....

Ohanglaman CD Cover


Ohanglaman is the debut CD by Ketebul Music artists Makadem. Released in 2005, the CD consists of 12 songs all written and composed by Makadem. Recorded at Ketebul Music Studios Ohanglaman was produced by Tabu Osusa.

Garissa Express

Garissa Express is the debut CD by the group Gargar. The CD comprising of ten songs was recorded over a period of 2 years at Ketebul Studios, and saw the ladies enduring numerous trips back and forth between Garissa and...